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Building dreams

Driven by a lifelong passion for flying, Private Wing employees are constantly on the hunt for rarities worldwide that can be transformed through lovingly detailed work into a unique piece of furniture. The excellent contacts of the founder and management ensure the acquisition of unique and difficult-to-obtain pieces. Private Wing customers can choose from a range of ready-made design items or, after prior cosultation in the show-room at the Bessenbach site, may select their personal favourite and order it tailer-made to their individuel wihes.

Whether it is a conference table, made from the wings of the most famous pursuit planes of the 50’s and 60’s (the North American F-86), reception decks or bars made from the engine covers of the Boeing 747, or a desk made from the wings of the Lockheed Hercules C-130: there is no limit to what Private Wing can create, in accordance with your unique design requirements. Customers also receive the corresponding original nameplate for their product, as a certificate of autheticy.